10 Ways to Impress Your GF

It is not uncommon for people to come to me dragging their significant other along for coaching. (Honestly, it is usually women bringing their partners) I’m always impressed when young adults understand how important a role money plays in their relationship. Personal Finance is among the top 3 reasons that people get divorced so it makes a lot of sense to get on the same page about it before you walk down the aisle. Since Valentines day is quickly approaching I thought I would write an article to help my gentleman readers sweep their partners off their feet with their sexy financial acumen. There is not a woman alive who could resist the financial game I’m about to teach you how to kick!

Now, keep in mind that my perspective is pretty traditional and certainly driven by me, my perspective, and the people around me. So that lends itself to a particular lense and I am pretty unapologetic about that. In fact, I’m not even sorry that I’m not sorry. But, I would honestly love to hear your thoughts and ideas to add even deeper layers of perspective to this dialogue. Feel free to share what turns you on when it comes to money management!! (And no, that is not oxymoronic!)

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Here are 10 ways to impress bae with your financial prowess:

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Nothing annoys me more than men who think they can buy my love, time, or attention. If you want to impress bae use your money in a way that is thoughtful, considerate, and shows her that you were thinking about her. That means listening to her wants and needs and then being the one to fulfill them when you can. This does not have to cost much. It can be as simple as buying her favorite brand of hot chocolate as the winter approaches or getting a new book that you know she’s been dying to read.

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This might seem basic but we are living in modern times where serial dating instead of serious dating is the standard. With that being said, don’t spend your whole paycheck paying for dates and outings. However, if you are in a serious relationship taking the initiative to pay for dates (within your means) is often seen as sign that you value her time and presence. Who wouldn’t appreciate that? Although, to be clear, I know many young women who are more than happy to go dutch.

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Related to number 9, when going out don’t be stingy to the people who serve you. How you treat others says a lot about your overall character. There are few qualities to be valued above kindness and generosity. Leaving a generous tip is a sign that you aren’t just being nice for show but that you genuinely care about people, which is quite impressive.

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There is nothing more attractive than a man with a plan. Let your significant other know your dreams, your vision, and your ambitions. Being open about your future plans will give her insight into your dreamy goal oriented nature. Not only will she see that you have a plan, but she can begin to be apart of it if that is the direction you both want to go in.

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If you really want to demonstrate your financial prowess, whip out your budget. Your budget is a great opportunity to share your financial priorities and discuss how you prefer to use your financial resources. It’s also your chance to be a positive influence and help her with hers as well. Now, I won’t pretend like his and her budgets are the cutest things ever but I will say that this is the one of the main ingredients to the making of a boss couple. And who doesn’t want that?

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If you want to impress your boo, invest your financial resources in wise assets that appreciate instead of on frivolous material goods that depreciate in value. That might mean investing in your IRA and 401K instead of buying the latest Jordans or getting that iPhone 10 upgrade when you already have the iPhone 9.9. She will trust your ability to make good decisions that stand the test of time. ::swoon::

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Let’s be honest, doing your taxes is something that you generally want to put off for as long as possible. It can be so draining, annoying, frustrating, etc. Take the lead on this and as you get your taxes done help her with hers as well. Don’t do everything for her but be a supportive motivator who helps out along the way. She might just want to marry you on the spot.

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Taking trips together is something that many couples do, but the question is whether or not they do it right. Instead of charging this expense to your credit cards, create a financial plan to make it happen effortlessly and with no financial stress, strain, or worry. Afterwards she will see how easy things can be with you and she just might think about having your babies. (In the future, after you budget, save, invest and get married. Otherwise, the financial repercussions would be dire!!)

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Did you know that being responsible with your money is a grown up kind of sexy? If you are in a serious relationship and you want to impress your current love stop making it rain at the bar. Instead, use that money to buy healthier food, get a gym membership, or simply invest in yourself. Demonstrating that you are responsible with money is a trait I bet she will admire.

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The number one thing I hear from women across the board is that they hate inconsistency. If you want to score all the brownie points in the world be consistent with your financial values and strategy. There is nothing better than a man who does exactly what he says he is going to do. If you can do that, you are winning!

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As I said before, this list was largely generated from my own preferences and conversations with friends and clients. Feel free to sound off on what financial habits sweep you off your feet!