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Usually I don't watch TV but uhhh... If you do not watch the hit TV show POWER I am going to need you to get your life. Right now.

The show is produced by rapper 50 Cent and is about James St. Patrick, a prominent drug dealer who wants out of the business. The concept is not new but the complexity of the drug game, the humanization of the characters, and the suspense for what will happen next definitely keeps this show in heavy rotation. And not only that, but who knew a show about drug dealers would have so many teachable moments for entrepreneurs? I found myself taking mental notes on how to win in business by following the strategies Ghost laid out.

Here is a list of 5 times Ghost gave us the game and taught us how to be better entrepreneurs. If you missed it during the season, I suggest you catch it in this article.

5. Know When to Delegate

If Ghost were a solo-preneur like many of us his businesses would never work. Instead of trying to do everything on his own, Ghost is always looking to expand his reach and influence by leveraging the people in his network. Whether he is trying to move more weight on the street or get more buzz for his night club, he never tries to do everything on his own and as a result, he is able to get the desired outcomes. Most notably his right hand man, Tommy, does the heavy lifting so that Ghost can be free to strategize and consider the bigger picture. As an entrepreneur you have to position yourself to work ON the business instead of IN the business.


4. Remove Distractions and Increase Motivation

Personally, I believe that many people do not reach their goals because distractions get in the way. Goal attainment usually requires singularity of purpose and a laser-like focus, so while Ghost seemed to be pretty distracted himself, he was not having it from his team. (I guess you can do that when you're the boss!)

When Tommy was getting emotionally distracted by his girl friend Holly, Ghost quietly sent her away. To fill the void, he made sure that Tommy was focused on doing what he loved most... building their empire.

So, if you find you or your team losing focus on the goals, figure out how you can replace distractions with something that will motivate them to get the job done.


3. Always Trust Your Instincts

My heart breaks for Rolla. Still. Even though it's only a show. And I can't imagine what it must feel like to kill someone for a crime that you later learn they did not commit. Nevertheless, I am sure this was a valuable lesson for Ghost. In business, always trust your gut and never do things just to appease the demands of the hot headed people around you. No matter what the facts might show, if something feels off to you wait and don't move until you have clarity. If you do, you might end up regretting it later.

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2. Do What You Have to Do so You Can Do What You Want to Do

No summary of season 2 of power is complete without mention of Simon Stern. It was infuriating to watch Stern take over Ghost's club and I was really interested to see how Ghost was going to turn such a daunting business situation around.

In order to win his club back Ghost had to do more than focus on the business at hand. He made it personal. In the end, he was able to secure his club and several more by partnering with Stern's disgruntled wife.

Personally, I could not have imagined allowing Stern to cheat and belittle me for so long. But Ghost stuck it out and kept strategizing until he was able to get his club back.


1. Always Play Chess, Not Checkers

The season finale says it all. From the very beginning Ghost made it clear that he wanted to make some major changes in his life, including getting out of the drug business. During the season, it did not seem like Ghost was going to be able to make it happen with so much going on. But by the end, Ghost had made some very strategic moves to manifest the future he desired for himself. He "silenced" his partners, took down their overseas connect, got his club back and a few extra for his troubles, and took care of Kanan. The crazy part is that it wasn't easy to see all of this coming. Ghost just ended the season Olivia Pope style like, "It's Handled"... and we're like... "Wait, when did this happen?" And that is a boss lesson in and of itself.


Now to be clear, Ghost has some shortcomings of his own that he needs to deal with. Don't we all! Shortcomings aside, there are so many lessons to be learned from his stance as a business man. I wonder how his business ventures will progress in season 3.

Have you learned any Entrepreneurial Lessons from watching Power? Share!! Let's compare notes!