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When someone leaves a company under suspicious circumstances, me and my friends like to say they "got quit". You know, they weren't really fired but they still didn't have much say in the exit plan.

After reading an article from The Root it appears that Wake up with Al, featuring famed weatherman Al Roker,  was canceled following an exchange of emails regarding how to handle the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Apparently, the network wanted to focus on the incoming hurricane Erika while paying minimum homage to the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Roker made his disdain for this decision abundantly clear, which you can read in the article.

What I find notable is that Roker vocalized his opinions, which were no doubt value driven, and "got quit" for it. And guess what, I AM SO HERE FOR IT. I hate that he was fired, but I love that he did not let fear of position or unemployment stand in the way of doing what he felt was right. Although I don't know all of the circumstances or details, (and my belief that he "got quit" is based purely on circumstantial evidence and common sense) it seems that this incident could serve as an example of what it means to stand for something. It should also serve as a reminder that as long as you depend on someone else for your economic well-being, they will always have a certain hold on you. After all, it is always risky to bite the hand that feeds you.

We live in a time where you are going to have to challenge your allegiance to institutions in order to look yourself in the mirror. Or at least, that has been the case for me. Regardless of what may have happened here it brings an important question to light: Would you be willing to put your job on the line for something you believe in?

Check out the full story over at The Root. What do you think about it?