Interview with Marc Coley


    If you want personal finance that easy, funny, and relatable, Marc Coley is your guy. The good cop to my bad cop, he helps young professionals discover that managing money doesn’t have to be boring or hard. You will find him cracking jokes and being his usual charming self in this interview. But don’t let the smile fool you, Marc is about his

The Mistake That Could Jeopardize a Legendary Legacy

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The loss of Prince as a cultural and world icon is devastating. His relative youth and vitality made his death a surprise to all of us. As I listened to the beautiful tributes on the radio I realized that Prince was much more than the music icon I knew him to be. He was also an astute businessman who was adamant about ownership, rights, and

10 Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend With Your Financial Prowess

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It is not uncommon for people to come to me dragging their significant other along for coaching. (Honestly, it is usually women bringing their partners) I’m always impressed when young adults understand how important a role money plays in their relationship. Personal Finance is among the top 3 reasons that people get divorced so it makes a lot of sense to get on the same

3 Truths to Boldly Boost Your Credit Score

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  The truth is, there is lots of conflicting information about how to improve your credit score. You probably know this already. A simple google search will prove that all the “experts” have their own opinions about how to “quickly and easily improve your credit score.” But you know me (and if you don’t, hey!!) I don’t really care much for blindly following advice from

Start With Why

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  When Latasha asked me to write a post for her financial blog, my first reaction was: “That’s so awesome of you, but what on earth do I have of value to say on this subject?!” She assured me that I was a great candidate since I didn’t not know all the technical jargon of the industry ‘insiders.’  Again, I was a little skeptical, but upon further