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This week I had the opportunity to interview the multi-passionate Neosha Gardner. Neosha is the founder of and a pioneer in the visual marketing industry. Her company offers free and premium stock photos exclusviely of black women. She also owns a brand design firm called Hun Creative that creates branding collateral for women in business. Before the interview, I knew that Neosha had something special to offer. After the interview I was floored with how awesome and authentic she was. A true kindred spirit.

Throughout our conversation she casually dropped multiple truth bombs that left me nodding my head, snapping my fingers, and occasionally hollering "Yaassssss!!".  In one of her simplest and most profound statements she said, "Get up and do what you love." This simple concept was the foundation for what will soon be her global enterprise.

During our conversation we got into some deep stuff that will probably have you in your feelings. Yes... we took it there. But only because we love you and we want to see you living your best life. So, if you are an entrepreneur at heart or thinking about becoming one, listen to the interview ASAP to catch some of this black girl magic in action!


Prepare to live on Purpose Ad