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5 Ways Ghost Taught Us to Be a Better Entrepreneur

  Usually I don’t watch TV but uhhh… If you do not watch the hit TV show POWER I am going to need you to get your life. Right now. The show is produced by rapper 50 Cent and is about James St. Patrick, a prominent drug dealer who wants out of the business. The concept is not new but the complexity of the drug

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Music Video: Save That Money by Random White Rapper ft. Fetty Wap

  So… this video is one of my favorite things on the internet right now. I am always telling my future millionaires that creativity is key when building wealth! This video demonstrates why. Rapper Lil Dicky goes around asking people to use their mansions, luxury cars, yachts, etc. to make a video about SAVING money. In a culture driven by consumerism I love how this

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Stanford University Offers Free Tuition*

  Where the heck have I been? So… ten minutes ago I’m scrolling down my newsfeed and I see a post that says, “Stanford University Offers Free Tuition”. First, I take a look at the source: Vox- seems legit. Then, I take a look at the date to see how recently this was announced: April 1st, 2015. You already know what I’m thinking: April Fools

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3 Stats That Prove You’re Probably Facebook Frontin

  If one were to judge by everyone’s Facebook personas, we’re all on top of the world and life couldn’t be sweeter. If someone is having a fancy dinner, it’s only right that their entire friends list should know. If you and bae purchased tickets to the local NBA game for some private, quality time, what’s a quick selfie to show your Facebook friends going

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Leverage Your Job to Launch Your Business

    I started my career in corporate America and quickly realized that I didn’t belong. Personally, I’m not a fan of the 9 to 5 hustle, but my good friend Be Be Robinson has a different perspective. She thinks that your traditional job can make your entrepreneurial journey much easier to endure. Plus, it comes with benefits. No… I mean literally. You never know when