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9 Awesome Films Teaching Personal Finance

  If you are planning any lazy weekends in the near future, pick one of these 9 movies to keep you cozy and fast track your finances at the same times! Numbers 4 and 8 are my personal favorites and there are a few others that I definitely need to add to my watchlist list. If you don’t have the patience to sift through tons of


Black Girl Magic In Action: Neosha Gardner

      This week I had the opportunity to interview the multi-passionate Neosha Gardner. Neosha is the founder of and a pioneer in the visual marketing industry. Her company offers free and premium stock photos exclusviely of black women. She also owns a brand design firm called Hun Creative that creates branding collateral for women in business. Before the interview, I knew that Neosha

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Al Roker “Got Quit” For Challenging Authority on Hurricane Katrina Coverage

  When someone leaves a company under suspicious circumstances, me and my friends like to say they “got quit”. You know, they weren’t really fired but they still didn’t have much say in the exit plan. After reading an article from The Root it appears that Wake up with Al, featuring famed weatherman Al Roker,  was canceled following an exchange of emails regarding how to handle the


17-Year-Old Boy Builds $3.5 Million Global Enterprise

  On one hand, I LOVE reading stories like this. I am not surprised that a black teenage boy was able to channel his talents and gifts into a multimillion dollar business. It is unfortunate that stories like this are the exception, but I am so glad that they show us the possibilities. On the other hand, I am sitting here wondering what the heck

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Asset Allocation & The Candy Store

  When I was a little girl… my mom used to give me one dollar to go to the candy store. That dollar taught me everything I needed to know about asset allocation, and I’ll tell you exactly what I mean. With one hundred pennies to my name, I had some major life decisions to make. While some children seemed to make brash decisions with